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Digitizing and Reverse Engineering


     At IMTEC we are able to quickly manufacture accurate parts of the highest
quality. Our heavy investment in the most powerful digitizing and measuring
technologies allows us to provide the greatest possible engineering services
in the least amount of time. IMTEC makes use of tools like the FARO Arm,
NextEngine's 3D Laser Scanner, and the Renishaw Cyclone to quickly obtain
accurate measurements and reverse engineer to customer specifications.

  • The FARO Arm is a portable measurement arm that allows
    manufacturers to verify their product quality by performing
    inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse
  • The FARO Arm greatly reduces the time spent measuring,
    making inspection and reverse engineering much more efficient.

  • The NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner is capable of scanning a part in minutes
    rather than hours or days and does so with +/- .005" accuracy and 400 points
    per inch detail.

  • The NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner produces very clean data that can be taken from the scanner straight to CAD.

  • The Cyclone is a stand alone scanning machine that provides fully automated scanning at high speeds. It is capable of scanning up to 3 meters per minute at a rate of 400 points per second.

  • The Cyclone works in tandem with Renishaw's Tracecut software.
    The software controls data capture, enables us to manipulate data, then
    create a CNC program or CAD output.