3D Modeling with Solidworks

In our CAD department, Solidworks Premium is used to rapidly generate true-to-life 3D models of parts and machines. Whether it is engineering a new design or developing a model as a product of reverse engineering with our digitizing instruments, IMTEC has all the tools necessary to exceed customer expectations.


Have parts you can no longer order replacements for from the original manufaturer? Allow IMTEC to build them for you. Here at IMTEC we make use of tools like the FARO Arm, NextEngine's 3D Laser Scanner, and the Renishaw Cyclone to quickly obtain accurate measurements and reverse engineer to customer specifications. Once captured we can build your parts quickly and stock inventory for your anticipated future use if you desire. This allows IMTEC to have your parts to you in a matter of days rather than waiting weeks or months for the Original Manufacturer, greatly reducing downtime.

PROTOTYPE DESIGN and Documentation

In addition to building world class precision parts, IMTEC can provide original machine design to solve unique problems you may have. Allow our engineers to solve your unique problems and design machinery that will work specifically for you and help you operate more efficiently. In addition to design we pride ourselves on documentation. Using our Solidworks modeling software you will receive a detailed breakdown of machine parts, aiding in repair and re-ordering.