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CAD with Solidworks



The quality of our parts is a reflection of our investment in superior technologies and methods. In our CAD department, Solidworks Premium is used to rapidly generate true-to-life 3D models of parts and machines. Whether it is engineering a new design or developing a model as a product of reverse engineering with our digitizing instruments, IMTEC has all the tools necessary to exceed customer expectations."

  • Solidworks can be used to design top-down and bottom-up assemblies.
  • Solidworks provides the ability to measure models and test the operation of assembly designs within the program.
  • The Solidworks Vault holds all drawings in a secure central location. The vault
    ensures the safety and consistency of the drawings. All machinists get the drawing they will use to build a part from the vault, making sure that everyone is looking at
    the same drawing and machinists cannot build from an unapproved drawing.
    However, the vault does archive all prior revisions of a drawing to create a complete history if needed for review.
  • Solidworks Premium tools like hole alignment checks, collision and
    interference detection, and tolerance stack up analysis help ensure designs
    are built right the first time, reducing waste.
  • Automated Drawing View updates means that changes to the 3D part
    and assembly models are automatically reflected in the drawing views that
    are in synch with the 3D model. This saves valuable CAD time that would
    otherwise have to be spent revising drawings.